Tips for Spending Less While Providing the ESL Program of Your Choice

The wealth of the countries of the world is always changing. When times are good everyone thinks that prosperity and growth will never change. Conditions recently have changed drastically in many countries, and recovery may take many years. Regardless of the world’s ups and downs, the Internet continues to grow and the need for English second language materials increases. This article outlines ways in which universities, schools, and organizations can cut their expenses during difficult economic times by adapting the presentations of their printable ESL materials.

Textbooks for Adults or Teenagers

The traditional approach was to buy a complete set of books for each student, and the students were required to pay for the books. It is possible for an educational establishment to buy curriculum books, and print only the required number. In this way the school or university can print as many copies as they require, use the program over and over, but only pay once.
Some programs suitable for teenagers and or adults offer a separate student reader, student workbook and teacher’s guide. Although many organizations print a student book and workbook for every student, some schools cut their costs by printing the lessons onto transparencies and using an overhead projector. The students make notes and complete the written exercises in an exercise book. There may, however, be some assignments such as crossword puzzles that need to be printed. The conversational activities can be followed with the same efficiency as if they were provided in a printed book.
Only one teacher’s guide is needed for each teacher. It can, of course, be used many times. Activities provided in the guide can be printed once and laminated, allowing teachers to use them again and again.

Textbooks for Young Children

Young children need to have a book for writing and drawing. Depending on their age the use of the overhead projector might prove to be too abstract. A teacher’s guide for a children’s program, however, usually provides many colorful pictures for games and activities. These can be printed once and laminated in order to preserve them for many uses. This simple adaptation allows for savings in both time and money.

English Second Language Storybooks
Storybooks are an important part of any English second language program. Many of those that are written for children of seven to twelve years provide a separate storybook, workbook and teacher’s guide. Children of that age will enjoy reading the story on a screen but may have some difficulty doing the workbook exercises in an exercise book. Assignments such as crossword puzzles would need to be printed. The student’s ability to adapt to the use of an overhead projector will vary from group to group.

These suggestions for cutting costs can save a considerable amount of money. Every organization, school or teacher will need to assess the needs of their classes before adopting any of these cost cutting adaptations. The necessity of following through with these suggestions will change with the ups and downs of each country’s economic prosperity.

Our curriculum is in use in more than 75 countries around the world.

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