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If you are a student living in an English speaking environment then you likely hear jokes at work, at school or among your English speaking friends. It’s likely that sometimes you have difficulty understanding why everyone is laughing.

What Can You Do?

– You can laugh with everyone else and pretend that you “got it”. This can be embarrassing, however, if someone guesses that you didn’t really get it.

– You can ask the others to explain the joke. As jokes usually refer to situations or people that everyone in that culture knows about, the explanations could be very long. It’s possible that you still wouldn’t “get it”.

– You always have the option of staying quiet while the others laugh. It’s likely that they will understand that your background is different.

– Another possibility is to tell them a popular joke from your country. This could be very interesting. Jokes often travel around the world, so you may find that some of your friends have already heard a version of your same joke. This is bound to start an interesting conversation. If you like this idea then you might want to take time to learn to tell a joke from your past, in English.

-Sometimes watching funny videos will help you understand what makes English speaking people laugh, and you can play them over and over.

Try this Idea!

There are many different kinds of English jokes. The ones involving pronunciation or those about English culture are the most difficult. There are some, however, such as the ones below, that you would find easier.esl curriculum

A man saw a friend across the road. He ran over and said:

“Mr. Jones! I’m so glad to see you!”

Then he said:

“What a change! You used to have a lot of hair, and now you are bald!

You used to be quite thin, and now you are fat!

You used to have good eyes, and now you wear glasses! What a change!”

The other man replied:

“But I’m not Mr. Jones.”

The first man looked surprised, and said:

“Why, you have even changed your name!”

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Quiet Polly


A man bought a parrot and he wanted to teach it to talk. Every morning when he came into the room, he said:

“Good morning, Polly, how are you today?”

He did this for six months, but the bird never said anything. The man was very unhappy, because he had paid a lot for the bird. One morning he came into the room and started to make breakfast, but he didn’t say anything to the bird. The bird looked at him and said:

“Hey, what’s the matter with you this morning?”

So What Else Could You Do?

 You might want to learn these English jokes and try telling them to your friends or you might want to buy a joke book and learn some others.

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll find that jokes become easier after you have lived in an English speaking culture for a time. You’ll learn about the well-known people as you talk with your friends and you’ll see the popular people on television. Your friends who are also from a different country will be eager to share their experiences with you. Perhaps that will provide you with many laughs and together you’ll learn to deal with some difficult situations.

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