Laughter at Successful ESL Can Relieve your Students’ Stress

esl curriculumMany people are experiencing a great deal of stress during these uncertain economic times. Those with jobs wonder how long they will last, while the young people graduating from school face a difficult time finding a job that utilizes their training. The solution to that problem will take time to evolve but we at Successful ESL have suggestions that will bring laughter to your classes and help your students to forget, for the moment, the worries of their everyday lives. Remember, laughter is good for everyone’s health!

When thinking about laughter most people think of jokes.

Well, jokes are great and should be included in every program. It’s important training for English second language students but for the most part they find them very difficult to understand. Jokes are generally specific to the culture of their origin.

So, how do we make them laugh?

Most of the humor is the result of interactions in your classroom. Some cultures like the Tibetans, find their interactions, the way something is expressed in English and their mistakes, very funny. Others like the Japanese look on it more seriously. For them it’s not funny! Let’s look at some samples of interactions that bring on laughter in many cultures.

Whole Class Activities

esl curriculum

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This activity follows the teaching of informal introductions.

esl curriculum

Informal Introductions

Some students find the names easy while others from Asian countries find them difficult. These students often don’t know if a name is male or female. All of the students will laugh as they respond to the questions, especially when answering, “I’m so-so.” Have them exchange names and repeat the activity several times.

Students like a competitive game like Word Bingo.

esl curriculum

Students Love Bingo!

It reinforces the new vocabulary words, gives practice with listening and understanding and creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm and laughter.

Note: Be sure that your students play it using the words not the numbers!

Try these activities with your classes. You’ll find that they brighten your day and send your English second language students home in a cheerful mood. Encourage your students to keep on learning but make their path easier by providing lots of laughter provoking Successful ESL activities.

Our curriculum is in use in more than 75 countries around the world.

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Successful ESL was created out of our first company, Learning English With Laughter which began in 1990 when we, George and Daisy Stocker, traveled to the historic city of Karlovy Vary in Czechoslovakia, to teach English in a private language school. Communism was over and the people were embarking along the road to democracy. There were hundreds of students eager to learn the English Language, but suitable textbooks were non-existent. Consequently, we wrote as we taught, making countless revisions as we listened to the students' special needs. Upon returning to our home in Victoria, Canada, we have adapted the Teen-adult Series to meet the cultural needs of students in a number of different countries. A variety of adaptations have been achieved through contacts with many countries. Thousands of students have encouraged us to use a conversational approach to English that stresses communication in a variety of everyday situations. See our facebook page:
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  1. Larry Pitts says:

    Interesting thoughts, I definitely agree with you about teaching students jokes both about the importance of teaching jokes as well as the difficulty of teaching jokes. It’s not easy, I teach over here in Korea and they definitely have a hard time “getting” western jokes. I think jokes require a good amount of mastery of the language. I’m learning Korean and I definitely can say that I have difficulty sometimes “getting” a Korean joke.

  2. Belle says:

    Just the type of insight we need to fire up the dbeate.

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    Huge lover with this page, a variety of your articles have seriously helped me out. Looking towards upgrades!

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    Hi I stumbled on your page by mistake when i searched Msn for this matter, I need to express your page is absolutely helpful I also enjoy the design, its awesome!

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