Monkey Business Video

This short video will provide enjoyment while practicing English Continue reading

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A Fun Way to Deal With Prepositions

esl curriculum

Some Ideas for Teaching Prepositions

One day, early in my teaching career, I saw a beautiful chestnut lying on the sidewalk. I picked it up and put it in my pocket, because it was so shiny, and had such a beautiful color. That afternoon when I was teaching, on a whim, I asked the class what I had in my pocket. There were all kinds of answers, but no one could guess “chestnut.” Continue reading

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ESL Student Teachers Ready to Start their First Job

esl-curriculumYou have arrived at the location of your new English second language teaching position. Your first class of teens and adults begins tomorrow morning. You’re feeling nervous, excited and a little overwhelmed by your new surroundings. What can you do to help yourself feel more secure? Continue reading

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Verb Tense Review

What’s the difference between the Future Perfect Tense, and the Simple Future Tense?

Students and teachers alike become confused with questions like this. Continue reading

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Strange Events at a Night at the Bar

This is a funny video that is fun for everyone. It does not have too many words, so it is ideal for ESL students.

Click below to view:

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For help with listening, understanding and speaking

Videos for Chinese speaking students.

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ESL Practice Questions – Future Progressive Tense – Arctic Balloon Expedition – Part 5

Kvitoya IslandWe will try to give you some grammar practice questions that don’t make you shudder! If you find learning about the future progressive tense difficult, you are not alone; we will make our explanation as understandable and interesting as possible! When we taught this tense, our Czech students asked, “Do people really talk that way?” Continue reading

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ESL Practice Questions –Simple Future Tense – Andrée Arctic Balloon Expedition – Part 4


ESL Students

If you are a student you may wish to practice your English grammar. This blog provides several exercises that will allow you to review the simple future tense. If you have a minute, try them now. Continue reading

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Suggestions for Making ESL Children New to Computers Aware of Internet Dangers

ESL curriculumYoung students live in the world of their own city or town. Their knowledge is limited to their own experiences except for what they see on television. It’s doubtful that children under the age of twelve or thirteen are able to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. Their world is real, while the television is fantasy. In their everyday life there are consequences – if someone is knocked down then they get hurt, whereas on television people are shot and walk away unhurt or they jump off a high building without any injury. For young students being introduced to a computer, a monitor is a television screen that they can manipulate. This article is about making young ESL children aware of the dangers of the Internet as they use interactive English programs. Continue reading

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English Second Language Storybooks Spark a Student’s Imagination

ESL curriculumEnglish Foreign Language classes can accelerate learning if they offer exciting stories for the children to enjoy. People of all ages need to be interested in what they are studying. If you think of your own experience you’ll remember times when you were expected to learn material that held no interest for you. This article suggests ways in which storybooks can be used to spark imagination and creative writing. Continue reading

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ESL Grammar Practice Questions – The Conditional Video

esl curriculum

They made a big pot of stone soup

This is the video format of the blog

“ESL Grammar Practice Questions – The Conditional”

Continue reading

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